Our Beliefs

We are Shia Ithna  Ashari (12’er Shia) but we do not follow Usooli or Akhbari schools of thought.

We are Shia Muslims who follow the religion of the Prophet Muhammad (saww) as taught by our 12 Holy Imams (as).
We believe in referring to righteous scholars (ulema e haq)  for knowledge and guidance, but we do not believe in blind emulation of one fallible scholar (taqleed).
In many ways we are much closer to the Akhbari school of thought than the Usooli, but we do not wholly embrace either, as with Shia Malang, it is not a scholar we follow, but a learned person, and we belief Syed Faqeer to be such learned persons equally.

We also do not reject the use of aql in applying the principles in the laws of religion as explained by the Holy Ahl ul bait (as).

Tauheed (Unity of God). 

We believe there is no god Other than Allah (swt) and no deity is worthy of worship as other than Allah (swt).

Nabuwah (Prophethood)

We believe there were 124,000 Prophet (saww) who came and delivered the message of Islam. The first of these was the prophet Adam (as) and the final Prophet after which there were no other prophets was the prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad al Mustafa (saww).

Imamah (Vicegerency)

We believe in the 12 Imams (as) as being the guardians of religion and the leaders of Muslims after the martyrdom of the Prophet of Islam (saww).

The 12 Imams (as) are:
1- Ali ibn Abu Talib (600-661 CE)

2- Hasan ibn Ali (625-670 CE)

3- Husayn ibn Ali (626-680 CE)

4- Ali ibn Husayn (658-712 CE)

5- Muhammad Ibn Ali (677-732 CE)

6- Ja’far ibn Muhammad (702-765 CE)

7- Musa ibn Ja’far (744-749 CE)

8- Ali ibn Musa (765-817 CE)

9- Muhammad ibn Ali (810-835 CE)

10- Ali Ibn Muhammad (827-868 CE)

11- Hasan ibn Ali ibn Muhammad (846-874 CE)

12- Al Qaim Al Hujjat Al Mahdi (Zahoor 869 CE)
It is our belief that the 12th Imam Al Qaim (atfj) is in occultation and will reappear with the Prophet Jesus (Isa) (as) and will lead Jesus in prayer, and spread justice, peace and truth throughout the world.

As Shia we believe it is obligatory to perform those acts prescribed by the Aimma (as):

Namaz- Prayers 5 times a day

Saum- Fasting throughout the month of Ramazan al Kareem

Hajj- Pilgrimage

Zakat- Charity

Khums- the levy for the Prophet (saww) and his near kin.

Jihad- struggle and fight for the cause of Islam.

Tawalla- praise and venerate the Ahl ul Bait (as)

Tabarra- denounce and distance yourself from the enemies of the Ahl ul Bait (as)

Naya anil munkar- forbid the bad deeds

Amr bil maroof- enjoin the good acts.


Malang do not believe in taqleed for anyone other than an infallible Imam.

Seeking knowledge and asking questions of scholars is recommended, but to be bound by the opinion of one fallible scholar is not allowed.

We also do not accept the use if deduction (ijtihad) as a principle for deducing laws, where no clear evidence exists in quran or hadeeth.


Respect of Sadaat is obligatory on every believer.

In the same manner, a non syed cannot marry into a syed family or be entitled to khums or give sadaqa to Sadaat.


This Is not allowed in an offensive manner. You can only fight to defend yourself or your property and only an Imam (as) has the authority to lead an army against an opponent in war.