Our Aim

We aim to advance the Shia Ithna Ashari (12’er Shia) faith and  practice Islam in accordance with the Malang principles of Shia fiqh as taught by our 12 holy infallible Imams (as) and free of the dogma of the Usooli or Akhbari schools of thought.   

In order to achieve this we shall do the following by facilitating, organising and supporting events which promote Shia Malang principles.
We shall practice, promote and defend the practice of azadari (mourning) in whatever form it takes and educate on its importance spiritually and socially, and inform others of the etiquettes of azadari.

Our aim is to organise, promote and participate in lectures informing audiences of the virtues and nobility of our Holy Prophet (saww) and his Holy Household and progeny (as).

We aim to engage in interfaith dialogue, and raise awareness of our peaceful and non-jihadist ideology with other communities, and promote Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.

We shall endeavour to promote and participate in and support azadari in all its forms. We shall educate concerning the respect of Sadaat (progeny and descendants of the Prophet of Islam (saww)).

We shall educate and teach of the necessity of the Third testimony in all acts of worship.

We shall promote the need for uncensored awareness of the tribulations and tragedies suffered by the Holy Prophet (saww) and his Holy Household (as) and denounce tyrants and oppressors whoever they may be and whenever they were perpetrating atrocities. We shall facilitate pastoral care to the Shia Malang community.