Who are we?

We are the first and only registered charity catering for the Shia Malang community of England and Wales.

The acronym MASUM stands for Markaz e Azadari Syeda Ummal Musaib (sa)

Markaz-                      Centre/focal point

Azadari-                      Mourning for the Prophet Muhammad (saww) and his pure and holy household (as).

Syeda                           Noble Lady

Ummal Musaib       The honorific title of the Grand Daughter of the Prophet (saww) Syeda Zainab who is the daughter of Our Lord Ali ibne Abi Talib (as) and Our Lady the only daughter of the Prophet, Fatima tul Zahra  (sa).

(saww)                         Salutations and blessings upon him and his household.

(sa)                                 Salutations upon them.

We are based in Hayes, West London in the United Kingdom, but cater for a diverse community throughout England and Wales.

We have a number of trustees who assist the organisation with strategic direction and oversight, and a whole host of volunteers and members who participate in events and promotion of MASUM.

Our Registered Charity number is: 1170831